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SBC Rebrand

Sheetz Bros. Coffee TV, Site, Digital, Packaging, OOH,

Quality Kick

Sheetz Bros. Coffee worked really hard (read: spent many $$$) upgrading the product for their 500+ locations. They wanted a rebrand to reflect all that $work$. This campaign launched the new and improved line of SBC coffee.


Full Digital Video



Client said medium is the best size to feature. I never found out why. I really want to know. Medium just doesn't have a feel. Ya know? Small has a feel. Large has a feel. Medium is so indecisive. Ahhh, answered my own question.

Agency: Tattoo Projects
Creative Director: Rudy Banny, Buffy McCoy Kelly
Associate Creative Director: Chad Brophy
Copywriter: Liam Soren
Senior Art Director: Justin Rentzel
Director of Production: William Boyer
Animation Director: David Kay
Animators: David Kay, Michael Heid, TJ Sochor, Josh Hollars