Appz Man

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Appz Man

Yeah, I know. Real mature, us.

Except, this was no "hey let's do an ass joke" cop-out. Almost everyone in the mid-atlantic region is either a Wawa fan or a Sheetz Freak. Why can't you like both? I have no idea, but we had some fun with this illogical preference of one store over the other by connecting it to another thing for which millennial men hold illogical preferences.




It's an ass joke. 



We really made all of this. All of it. The only thing the client killed was having people post pics of eating these with #App2Mouth

Agency: Tattoo Projects
Creative Director: Rudy Banny
Associate Creative Director: Chad Brophy
Senior Copywriter: Liam Soren
Senior Art Director: Justin Rentzel
Director of Production: William Boyer
Production Company - MKFILMS, Chicago, IL.