Hostess Social Shenanigans

Hostess Social

BRand Voice

Hostess wanted a new brand personality. Without any traditional advertising, that meant introducing the new Hostess on social media. 

So we thought: a snack cake is about the least "serious" food you can eat. To consumers, there is nothing important about Hostess products, they're simply a quick, gratifying moment in an otherwise serious day.

So, just like them, we won't take ourselves too seriously.


The Suzy Q's

When Hostess brought back the classic favorite, Suzy Q's, fans were very upset. Apparently, it just wasn't the same snack they grew up with. Hostess had no idea what to do, so we needed to buy some time.

We contacted every Suzy, Suzie, and Susan, with a " Q" last name on Facebook, and asked them to help us out. A surprisingly large number agreed, and we managed to take control of the conversation around Suzy Q's.


Brand Voice

After creating a new brand voice for Hostess, we had to ensure everyone on the team was fluent. It makes you really proud to see other people speaking in a voice you created.